10 Great Car Electronics on Your Next Road Trip in 2024

Last Updated: January 17, 2024

How often do you think of car electronics for your family road trip? Of course, you spent many hours thinking about what’ll be the best snacks, books, and games to keep your kids from killing each other. But, of course, the last thing on your mind is car electronics. But we’re here to help you rethink your strategy and consider smart electronics for long road trips.

In this article, we offer you a couple of car electronics, accessories, and devices that can change your journey! First, by listing the most beneficial electronics, you ought to get your trip. Then, a brief overview of why these items are important for you on your next family road trip.

Here are DashingCars recommended Top 10 car electronics and accessories you must have before your next road trip

Auto-battery charger

You don’t always want to pick the cheapest one that you see hanging at the gas station with car chargers. You want to get something that recharges by plugging into the wall. If you plan to get one that you can recharge on a cigarette lighter, make sure to do your research for one that is reliable. Also, consider the amount of power your battery requires for a jump, and make sure that your charger will support that.

Auto Battery Charger - Ten Great Car Electronics

Electric Dash Cameras

Dash cameras cover the interior and exterior of your car and can be very helpful. You can get a battery-powered or hard-wired version. A hard-wired camera is great if you’ve done the installation; it just does its job without you having to remember to turn it on! Most of these cameras will require a USB card or Micro SD card. We discovered that a 64GB card maintains 12 hrs’ well worth of driving.

Electric Dash Cameras - Ten Great Car Electronics

Pro Packing Cubes

We know what you are thinking. So why do I care about packing cubes on a road trip, and when would I use them? Fact is – there are a couple of benefits to them on a lengthy journey. Among the most bothersome points when you’re driving in-between areas and stopping someplace for just one evening is needing to carry your entire bag/suitcase out of the cars and truck. Then, up the stairways, with doors, unlock the door, manage your family, etc. Also, you spend about 10 minutes in the hotel before you are back on the road. With packing cubes, you don’t have to unpack your entire bag and search for the toiletries. Instead, you can keep organized just what you need, to remove it from your suitcase easily.

Phone Mount

A phone holder is not the most attractive addition to your car, but it is a must-have. It will save your life if you are not focused on your phone in your hand or your lap, or even worse, you drop your phone while driving. In addition, a phone mount conveniently places your phone at eye level so you can change music, speak to friends, and even review a map with ease.

Car Fridge

Of course, you can stop at the store and pick up the most affordable camper cooler, put ice on it, and keep your food and drinks cool. However, the water will leak everywhere, the ice will melt and make the cooler heavy, and the food inside will get wet. A car fridge will solve all your needs.

Car Fridge - Ten Great Car Electronics

It fits a few drinks and a meal for your small family. They can be expensive, but the right one will be super quiet and fit all of your needs.

OBD2 Reader

A Bluetooth-enabled car accessory that plugs into your car to diagnose engine health. Usually, they are hidden in your engine bay or near your battery and another under the steering wheel. Once you have the Bluetooth device connected, you will read the diagnostic for your car on your phone with easy-to-use mobile apps.

Car Espresso Maker

A great cup of coffee can be one of the most desirable items on the road when you are on a road trip with your family. Unfortunately, it can be hard to find a great coffee spot, and the coffee at the gas station is often watered down or tastes horrible. Not to mention doesn’t have the caffeine of espresso. So when you need a morning cup or a caffeine shot to get you to your final destination, you need to get a car espresso maker for convenience and taste!

Nintendo Switch

This handheld gaming system fits into a small carrying case and is the top gaming system of the year! At one point, they were completely sold out on the internet. If you have a car tv or headrest accessory tv, you can even plug your Switch into your car. It is a great family gaming console that fits in the palm of your hand. The Switch also offers multi-person playing for all the kids. Don’t forget extra controllers and controllers recharging stations.

Car Tool Set

A toolset isn’t the most glamorous or spectacular item on the list, but it is essential. We know that not every road tripper is a mechanic, but having a set of tools can make all the difference. Make sure your car has a jack, wrenches, tire iron, air pressure meter, players, screwdrivers, and more. You don’t want to get stuck on the road without any tools or support if you need it, and you never know when you will need it on a road trip.

Pro Drone

Ok. You probably didn’t expect us to mention this as an essential road trip item. While this isn’t the most practical tech for your car, a great video drone can be a game-changer. Not to mention entertainment when you are at a rest stop or scenic view. Have you ever done a drone selfie? It is the easiest way to capture the entire view. These devices are more accessible than ever to operate and acquire and are helpful, fun, and unique for the whole family.

Pro Drone - Ten Great Car Electronics


You’ve planned your route, booked your hotels, and your bags are packed. Yet, we always find ourselves asking what did I forget to pack? So, before your next long car trip, consider what electronics you are bringing to entertain yourself, friends, and family. Also, don’t forget you want car electronics and accessories that make your trip safer!

Image Credits: Amazon and Pixabay