Make Your Car Always Shine with a Right Power Waxer

Last Updated: January 16, 2024

Have you finally decided to replace your car with the new one, just because its shine has died? Even after washing and cleaning, it is not looking like it was looking in its initial days.

We can feel your pain but buying a new car is not the ultimate solution to make your car always shine. There are some tools and techniques to get back the glossy finish of your car.

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You have tried polishing or waxing your car by hand but in the end, you did get the expected shine even after investing a lot of time and effort. You also have the option to get the polishing or waxing done by a professional but it is quite costly which usually everyone can not afford so frequently.

There is an effective and affordable solution available for this problem that you can use yourself and can carry along with you during your long drives and outings. It is called a dual-action Power Waxer or Random Orbital Waxer/Polisher. Dual action power waxers are generally known for their safer waxing without harming the paint of your car. This is possible because of the two ways that it simultaneously moves – it rotates as normal and it also oscillates the position of the pad.

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How to Choose a Right Power Waxer

Choosing and buying the right Power Waxer is a tricky decision – You usually get confused when you start reading answers about this topic but we will try to simplify the answer. There are mainly two types of Power Waxers.

  1. Rotary
  2. Dual Action

Rotary waxers only focus on the spinning of the pad, which means there are no oscillating movements. This makes the device put more energy on the spin, which creates more friction during waxing therefore can be a bit harmful to the paint of your car while the Dual Action waxers rotate as normal and it also oscillates the position of the pad, which creates a random movement and reduces the quantity of friction that alternative waxers might need difficulty with. The drawback of the dual action waxer is that they are safer to use but do take a bit more time as compared to rotary waxers.

So dual-action power waxers could be a good option for you if you can spend a bit more time polishing your car and we hope you can.

How to Use a Power Waxer

The process of waxing your car is simple but you should know some basic steps to follow to execute the waxing of your car more beautifully.

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Read the manual of the product that you are going to use to ensure the best result that your tool can provide you. Along with that, we are also providing some steps which you can follow to get the expected end result of your work.

  1. Before you start with the Power Waxer, make sure to clean the exterior of your car properly so that you will not run the power waxer over any dust particles. Now apply the required amount of wax to the power waxer pad. We advise creating many little dots around the perimeter of the pad and then a single larger dot within the center to get smooth and perfect coverage.
  2. Now move the machine at about one inch per second. Make numerous passes earlier than transferring to the subsequent section. Start with the aggressive compounds and run the buffer over them at a lower speed then move to the finer compounds and run the buffer over them at a bit higher speed.
  3. Once you get the desired shine of your car, wipe the surface with a smooth microfiber cloth to get rid of all strains of polish. Now for the final paint protection, apply any well know liquid wax or any new high-tech ceramic coatings.
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Polishing or Waxing your car is a necessary part to make you feel happy during your drives. So, you should do it as and when needed. We at DashingCars suggest applying wax on your car every three months. You can do it more frequently on a need basis but in general, doing it every three months make the life of your car shine longer.

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