Top 10 Must-Have Car Exterior Accessories List in 2024

Last Updated: February 27, 2024

When it comes to owning a new car, not all models are kitted out right off the factory, some will be more bare-bones compared to others. While some of these exterior accessories are missing, they can easily be replaced with epic gadgets that will help complement your car and keep it ready for every hurdle on the road. With that in mind, we have narrowed down the list of essential exterior car accessories that you should have for a safe and smooth drive. Read on to find out:

Car Cover

Owning a new car comes with its own set of responsibilities for maintenance and care. If you don’t own a car shade or garage, chances are high that you will be spending 20 to 30 minutes of your valuable time in the morning, doing nothing but ensuring your car is clean.

To avoid the hassle of cleaning your car every morning, you can simply protect it using a car cover, which acts like a car’s Raincoat. Car covers protect your car from everything including, snow and ice, dust, leaves, dirt, birds’ droppings, and other surrounding contaminants.

With a car cover, all you need to do every morning is to take it off, sit in the car and head to work. One good thing about these essential car exterior accessories is that they’re made of high-quality and weatherproof material and also, comes in a wide range of designs, brands, and colors.

Wiper Blades

Wiper blades are incredibly reliant for clarity, offering you maximum visibility and boosting your safety every day on the road. As much as you enjoy driving while beautiful rain pours down, it’s also quite dangerous. To be safe in such situations, think of investing in a high-quality wiper blade to wipe away rain and other debris quickly, in real-time.

Wiper Blades - 10 Must-Have Car Exterior Accessories

ProTip Takeaway: It’s a good idea to carry an extra pair of wiper blades as this will save your time and effort.

Extra Pair of Headlights

Having an extra pair of headlights is extremely important in the list of essential car exterior accessories. Headlights allow you to have a safe drive at home, minimizing the risk of hitting unexpected hurdles or falling into a pothole in the dark. It also allows you to see road marking and signs by paving a bright and clearer path.

ProTip Takeaway: Always replace faulty headlights with a new one and don’t forget to carry an extra pair of car headlights in case of emergency.

Ice Scraper/Snow Removal Broom

An 18-inch snow broom is an excellent tool if want to wipe the snow and ice off of your car in the morning. The broom comes with an ice scraper on one side, which is about 4 inches across. One good thing about the snow broom is its handle can be extended from 33-52 inches. Other than that, the broom is lightweight and effective for clearing the snow and ice off on different cars including, trucks, SUVs, RV, and more.

Portable Compressor/Tire Inflator and Pressure Gauge

Safety, fuel economy, uniform tire wear, and smooth ride are among the many to reasons to keep and maintain your car tires at optimum pressure. You don’t want to be stranded by the roadside with a local puncture repair guy or shop in sight. Neither you want to be late for an important function because of a flat tire. With the help of a tire inflator and pressure gauge, you can keep your car’s tire inflated up to optimum levels and in shape at any hour of emergency.

ProTip Takeaway: Other than keeping tire inflators in your car whenever you hit the road, it’s recommended you carry a spare wheel or puncture repair kits, especially if your car is having tubeless tires.

Parking Sensors and Camera

If your car doesn’t have parking sensors or cameras as standard, you could splurge a bit and acquire sensors. As parking lots are becoming more crowded, you need these accessories to help you get a better view of what’s around your car when parking or taking your car out of a tight spot.

Parking Sensors and Camera - 10 Must-Have Car Exterior Accessories

ProTip Takeaway: Parking sensors can save you from a lot of mess including accidents in parking lots, not to mention bumped cars and hefty repair bills.

Cleaning Cloth

A cleaning cloth will cover your needs when your car gets dirty standing in the parking lot. This special piece of cloth will help you off the dirt and dust from your vehicle.

ProTip Takeaway: Never use any cloth as a cleaning cloth for your car as it might damage your car’s paint.

Car Mudguard

The dirt, grime, mud, rocks and pebbles, salt, water often reach the sensitive parts of the vehicle and cause corrosion – which eventually result in premature damage of expensive car parts. However, with car Mudguards, you can successfully save yourself from this mess by preventing dirt and harmful contaminants from reaching your car’s sensitive components.

Car Fog Lights

Fog lights are indispensable. They provide clear vision in foggy winter mornings and evenings or even in the dark, assisting you to drive peacefully and improving your safety. These essential car exterior gadgets are usually mounted on the lower end of the vehicle to avoid the glare while driving.

Car Fog Lights - 10 Must-Have Car Exterior Accessories

Jumper Cable

Sometimes, you might forget to turn off your car’s accessories like AC, lights, and radio, leading to an unnecessary drain of your car’s battery. With a drained battery, your car’s engine might refuse to fire up due to low voltage.

Jumper Cable - 10 Must-Have Car Exterior Accessories

Having a pair of jumper cables can help you get out of a fix by drawing a little energy from your friend’s car battery.

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Final Verdict

While the list of exterior car accessories seems endless, these top 10 car exterior accessories prove to be extremely essential and helpful for every car owner. The accessories come at a very competitive price and also help you avoid the slightest inconvenience while behind the wheel.

Image Credits: Amazon and Unsplash